About Us

Our vision and mission here at Kids Helping Community is to improve the lives and betterment of members of our community – – like seniors and veterans — through active, hands-on, outreach projects and events, as well as educating and networking the youth of today while doing so; showing students and young individuals from the ages of 10 to 18 the importance of their impact within their own community, as well as the significance of compassion and empathy. 

Meet our team!

Starting from a small dream in a small Henry County Classroom; the grounds for Kids Helping Community was first stemmed from the Middle and High School students of an abstract Montessori School; beginning with the initiative flame of one student to bring light to the lives of seniors within their local area, which later ignited the spirits of their peers; kicking off and leading to KHC’s first Senior Blanket Drive in 2012.

Since then, Kids Helping Community, as well as the students and families it has helped and watched grow has flourished into the program that it is today; becoming more official during the 2019 second annual Georgia Afterschool and Youth Development Awards Ceremony; where Kids Helping Community was awarded the first-ever Service Learning Award. This award, given to one Georgia program, recognizes an afterschool and youth development program having completed an outstanding service-learning project that demonstrates the importance of civic engagement and impact on the local community.

Currently, Kids Helping Community continues to work more and more towards its goals and visions.