Annual Blanket Drive

Before the times of Kids Helping Community, our very first mission goal was constructed by one student: to better the lives of seniors by giving them something to smile about during the holiday season. This goal has went on and inspired countless other students, and even teachers, who would carry out this mission in future years. In honor to this student’s wish to better the lives of those within our community, every December the members of Kids Helping Community joins sponsors and donors to put together an Annual Senior Blanket Drive.

[2019 7th Annual Senior Blanket Drive]

What We Do

During our Senior Blanket Drives, members of all ages from Kids Helping Community get together to advertise and collect a goal amount of blankets to pass out to nursing homes and assisted living facilities for the elderly, to better their spirits during the holidays. We also do this to teach students and members of KHC the power one can have with their actions (in this case, the kindness of presenting those who might be in need with a gift that they will appreciate throughout the seasons), and why it is important to give back.

[2019 7th Annual Senior Blanket Drive]

What to Expect in 2021

Because Kids Helping Community was unable to participate in the 2020 8th Annual Senior Blanket Drive due to safety concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak, we plan on going even bigger and better than what we had done in previous years! This year, our blanket goal will be 1,200 blankets! Why such a high number? Because we were not able to carry out traditional duties last year, we want to make sure that we end this year with a bang! We want to make sure that none of our local elders goes without some type of gift or goodie!

[2019 7th Annual Senior Blanket Drive]

What YOU Can Do

Because we are unable to offer volunteering for this event currently, ways that YOU can get involved with “Being the Change” can include:

  • Donating new blankets,
  • Donating non-slip socks,
  • Donating small games line word puzzles,
  • Donating toiletries,
  • Or donate a financial contribution to our cause! Any amount helps!

We are very appreciative and thank every one of our patrons and supporters for any type of contribution or donation to our cause!