Kids Got To Eat Play Learn Backpack Giveaway 2021

Bussiness & Booth Information:

We are asking that all businesses within Clayton, Henry, and Butts come out and register for a 10 x 10 both today. Your registration fee will help cover the cost of the Backpacks and go towards the community outreach project ” Kids Got to Eat, Learn & Play” by donating the remainder of the funds to create a playground at the event location where ALL children can play! This collaboration is also working towards starting an afterschool program at this location once the new Community Building is completed in 2022.

  • You will get a 10×10 area where you can place a tent, share your business on all media as a donor for this event. You get to hand out a supply of your choice with your business logo on it as students, parents, and community members enjoy the event. $250
  • Your name and logo will be on all press, media, and event advertising. $150
  • Premier spot, name of banner for a donor for all 3 Nonprofits, and on all media sites as a donor $1000
  • Remember all fees are 100% charitable write-offs along with fees for supplies, hours, etc for this event!

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Can’t attend or just want to donate to the cause? Click the link below and we will send you a tax right off for 2021 for your donation- Thank you!

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